Dr. Watson is a great healer. I am a senior and outlived my long time outstanding Chiropractor. I have tried several different Chiropractors trying to find a really excellent Chiropractor. Dr. Watson is great in every way. He listens to you, finds the problem and expertly fixes it. It is obvious that Dr. Watson really wants to help his patients. I had been in constant pain for over 18 months and was finding it more and more difficult to remain active. .In a short period of time Dr. Watson had me pain free and completely mobile and active again. Dr. Watson has been gifted by God to help people feel good again. I 100% recommend Dr. Watson.”
Don G.

“Dr. Watson really cares for what he does and what he does for his patients. I have been seeing him since I moved to OKC and he has always answered all my questions and have been very transparent explaining even complicated concepts with ease.

It’s clear he and his wife love what they are doing. If you ever need Chiropractic Care, the drive to Yukon is worth it, trust me. They will make you feel like you apart of a family, and go the extra mile for you.”
James H.

“Wonderful chiropractor! I love getting adjusted by Dr. Watson! He’s very knowledgeable and passionate about what he does and it has always assured me that I’m in the right hands. I would highly recommend him to my friends and family!”
Valerie H.

“Dr. Watson is extremely knowledgeable and is amazing at what he does! I can honestly say I’ve never had any other chiropractor spend so much time explaining my diagnosis, treatment options, and translating my X-rays in such detail! He not only has a passion for what he does, Dr. Watson truly cares for his patients. I am incredibly impressed with his expertise! Go see him, you will be thankful you did.”
Renee J.